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The Land of Golden Fire

Events like that we like the most 🙂

On 12th of January, at the request of Idea Leasing company, we organized a gala entitled The Land of Golden Fire. The fire theme was a counterbalance to the event from 2 years ago – ice. This year, we have created an amazing atmosphere thanks to the combination of lights, decorations, smoke and, of course, live flames.

From the very entrance visitors could feel the temperature of the meeting. All of them elegantly greeted the fire-red Carpet Lady and the fire-eaters accompanying her gave a foretaste of the planned attractions. What was not there! Shimmering mimes, golden gladiators and black, stout horses. Tongues of fire on stage and gold coins generously spilled. Emotions also added performances – juggling with light and energy band. Heavy smoke floating on the floor completed the impression of an unusual place.