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Excellent organizational skills, a wide range of contacts and knowledge of intercultural differences make us a trustworthy business partner.

Starting business in a new and unfamiliar country can be daunting both for organizations and for individual managers, with many challenges that have never been faced before. Though these may be routine matters at home, in a new country they may take up far more of a manager’s time – at exactly that moment when full attention should be focused on driving the business.

So let Euro M take care of all of those essential, yet time-consuming activities that confront any business making its first steps in a new country – and with those in the hands of a professional and trustworthy local partner, you can direct all your attentions to moving ahead!



Starting a business in Poland is an important step in the company’s development. It is crucial to obtain the necessary permits, choose credible subcontractors and find well-qualified employees. Euro M can support you in meeting all these challenges. The right matching of people, institutions and places is our distinguishing feature.

We value your opinions and always deliver projects on time and on budget. Providing comprehensive 360° service is a top priority.

We work together with the market leaders to guarantee the highest quality, punctuality and accuracy.

Branding and advertising materials can also be prepared by our in-house graphics studio.

Euro M’s main mission is to look for solutions and bring visions to life so join our satisfied customers!

Scope of the services for business:
  • Supporting opening of the new facility
  • Business relocation – transportation of the equipment, contact with external entities, permissions
  • Planning and organizing employees’ relocation
  • Preparing a workplace for new employees
  • Organizing business trips – plane and train tickets, accommodation etc.
  • Assisting in the recruitment processes
  • Managing relationships with a broad range of service providers (IT, accounting, legal, security, insurance, waste and recycling, vending machines etc.)
  • Supporting onboarding and assimilation processes – welcome packs and intercultural communication workshops
  • Translating and proofreading services
  • Performing current administrative and office tasks, taking care of electronic and paper documentation
  • Ordering office materials
  • Preparation of advertising and marketing materials – brand design and production (business cards, leaflets, brochures)
  • Graphic works
  • Interior designs for business premises
  • Furniture and equipment rental
  • Photo, video and drone services
  • Catering
  • Making appointments (e.g. medical)
  • Interior designs for the home
  • Repairing services
  • Household management (cleaners, plumbers, electricians etc.)
  • Support in finding a suitable school and tutors for children

Dorota Pudło
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Dominika Smakosz
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