Grand Openings

Our primary specialization is the organization of opening ceremonies of new facilities. We have many years of experience in dealing with investors with various cultural backgrounds. We work together with the entire world.




opening ceremony of fulfillmentcenter

On February 20th, we organized the opening of a new Zalando’s fulfillment center in Głuchów. It is the largest facility of this type in the region – as emphasized during the speeches – it has the size of ​​18 football fields.
The meeting was attended by representatives of Zalando and DHL, local authorities and foreign guests.

The symbolic ribbon cutting was crowned with a confetti rain in Zalando’s and DHL’s colors.



Opening of a new factory

An Italian company Sirmax has recently opened its new plant in Poland making Kutno the largest production center of its Group in Europe. Due to the gravity of the event, official representatives from both countries took part in the ceremony, including the Deputy Mayor of the city of Kutno and the Mayor of the city of Cittadella, the home of Sirmax.
The ceremony took place in two stages, one in the new plant and one in the already existing facility.
Congratulations on your growth!



Factory Opening

In November 2019, we had the opportunity to cooperate with Hengst Filter Polska for the second time already. This time we had the pleasure of organizing the opening ceremony of their new factory in Rawicz. The official part of the event included a dance performance by the Wisieloka Regional Band from Szymanów whose mission is to preserve the old customs and elements of the Khazak folklore characteristic of the region of the Rawicz municipality.



Opening of a new warehouse

In September 2019, we organized the official opening ceremony of City Flex Łódź I – a Small Business Unit warehouse facility, which is the part of the 7R City Flex Last Mile Logistics network.
In organizing this event we decided to opt for many solutions in reference to the modern image identification of 7R, for example, we chose to use unique designer chairs in three colors that also matched the warehouse’s industrial interior. The company’s board members as well as the local authorities, including the Mayor of Łódź – Hanna Zdanowska were among many of the guests who attended the ceremony.



Opening of the Logistics Center

The ceremony of completing the first construction stage of the Hillwood Częstochowa West Logistics Center took place on 18 September 2019. The event also encompassed a debate titled “The Road to Large Investments in Small Cities”, which was attended by the President of Hillwood Polska, the Mayor of the Kołbuck municipality as well as many industry specialists.
Both the ceremony and the debate were held in the Hillwood warehouse which had previously been properly rearranged and decorated for the purposes of the event.



Grand Opening of a new factory

Thanks to the agency’s vast experiences in cooperation with Asian clients, we have been chosen to prepare the opening ceremony of the first Bafang factory in Europe. The Chinese manufacturer of electric bicycles and scooters have decided to locate their new facility near the city of Wrocław due to the growing popularity of its products in the West of Europe as well as the rapidly growing market in Poland.
A day before the grand opening, a celebratory gala dinner was held at the Topacz Castle.

MAY 2019


Grand Opening

Our specialty – grand opening of a factory! This time we had the pleasure to work in Strzelin for Antolin company. The ceremony took place at the end of May. We made blue color accents referring to customer identification. The ceremony was honored by the performance of the string quartet and the aerobatics show on the sash.

MAY 2019


Grand Opening

We have once again cooperated with a Korean client. This time it was the opening of a fiber optic cable factory in Dzierżoniów. Of course, there were also country accents such as hostesses in hanbok or bonsai trees. We also had the pleasure of hosting the Ambassador of South Korea.



Grand Opening

At the end of September, we opened a factory for global supplier of advanced security control systems for customs, airports, ports and railways. Once again, we had the opportunity to work with Nuchtech, which was a great pleasure for us.



Grand opening

At the beginning of December, we returned to Opole, where we opened a new factory of the Italian company UFI Filters.



Grand Opening

At the beginning of September, we opened a new Ritex plant. The official ceremony was honored with the artistic performance of An Dreo e Karina.

JUNE 2018


Grand Opening

In the last days of June we visited again Gogolin, where we had the pleasure to open a new production plant of Niemeyer Polserw. After the official ceremony, there was also a picnic for employees.

APRIL 2018


Grand Opening of new factory

At the end of April, a new engine filter factory was opened in Gogolin. We prepared the opening ceremony with the cutting of the ribbon and the performance of the local orchestra. Then there were factory tours and a banquet for all invited guests.



Opening of the 3D Printing Technology Competence Center

In Bielany Wrocławskie the new headquarters one of the largest companies in the world providing professional 3D printing services was opened. The task of the agency was to prepare a celebration that would emphasize the ultramodern character of the company. The meeting was combined with the presentation of the possibilities and the specifics of other European Materialise facilities.



Opening ceremony of new facility

Opening of the new facilityof the European lithium-ion battery manufacture in Gliwice has been widely reported in the media as a big leap in the development of electromobility in Poland. The official part of the meeting where attended Deputy Minister of Development, Jadwiga Emilewicz, has been organised in the company’s showroom. For the location of evening banquet, we chose the climatic rooms of the Luisa Adit.

JUNE 2017


Opening ceremony of a new production plant

The opening of the new Karton-Pak plant in Nowa Sól was combined with the 25th anniversary of the company’s operation. Our agency prepared both ceremonies – after the official opening ceremony on Śląska 1 street, the guests were invited to a classy banquet at the Ruben Hotel in Zielona Góra.

MAY 2017

DIEHL Controls

Opening ceremony of new production halls

The presentation of the new 6-million-euro investment took place on a fancy stage, specially designed and built for the event. The highlight was the joint symbolic launch of production crowned by confetti rain in the customer’s livery.


ifm ecolink

Opening of the Research and Development Center

Our agency prepared the celebration concept that highlights the company’s vibrant livery. The official ceremony took place in a transparent tent, while the reception for the invited guests in one of the rooms of the company’s buildings.

JUNE 2016


Opening of the logistics center

The opening ceremony of the ultramodern center in Magnice was conducted by a robot. Automatic lines approximately 4 km long were used to transport the ribbon cutting accessories, thus showcasing the advanced automation technology of the new facility.



Opening of the Silesia Business Park office building

A large-production event, of which the main theme was the unique facade of buildings that resemble the renowned Italian dessert. The “tiramisu” pattern appeared, among others, on the stage, in gadgets prepared for the occasion and in specially imprinted tablecloths, with the whole setting very consistent aesthetically.



Opening ceremony of the plant

Cat food factory located near the city of Wrocław was solemnly opened by… the opening of a huge sachet of Felix cat feed. The agency created an entire arrangement of the place of the ceremony, including the set-up of media room and VIP lounge. A temporary exhibition showcased the various stages of the plant’s construction.



Opening of logistic centers

Complete arrangement of the opening of the company’s first logistics center in Poland. The celebrations were held day by day, in two various locations. Our agency was chosen for cooperation by the European headquarters of AMAZON in Luxembourg and was directly coordinated by it.