Outdoor events

We have a proven location base and attractions for outdoor meetings. We provide highly acclaimed event handling for various audience groups. We combine safety and aesthetics with genuine fun.


JUNE 2018


Picnic for employees and families of Schumacher company with a leitmotif around the world. There were workshops and shows from various parts of our globe and the main attraction were balloon flights.

JUNE 2017


Employee picnic

Annual picnic for company employees, this time in the well-known Star Wars convention. Lots of fun for every age group. Virtual reality and traditional animations for children and adults served for the entertainment of the participants.

MAY 2017


Brokers convention in Jachranka

The marina of the Winsor Hotel in Jachranka was the venue for Goodman Poland broker convention. The participants had the opportunity to enjoy their time in elegant tents equipped with sofas, tables and company sun loungers, while establishing new business contacts. The whole arrangement had a distinctive set of colors – white and lively green.


VOLVO Polska

Family Day for 8000 participants

VOLVO Polska invited its employees and their families to a great family festival full of attractions. Those interested in the production of buses could visit the assembly hall, athletes participated in the finals of the disciplines sponsored by the company. All could enjoy the fun and games, competitions, inflatables, and delicious food.



Company picnic

“Ryzykanci” (Risk-takers) Company Picnic with just the right dose of adrenaline. The brave ones could show-off by waling over burning coals, wall climbing or fire-dance. For the not-so-brave but beautiful and confident – Miss and Mister of the company beauty contest.