Intercultural communication

We produce events on a regular basis for companies from all over the world. The fact that we travel a lot, lets us discover the beauty and diversity of distant places. This makes us understand the culture of our customers better.

Intercultural communication

Intercultural dialogue has become an inherent part of our reality. While preparing an event, we not only consider the individual corporate culture of our client, but also the culture of the part of the world they come from. Dynamic globalization processes that we witness are the reason that most of our clients are companies that have their headquarters far outside Poland. Effective cooperation in organizing events requires us both to know the values ​​and customs accepted by representatives of other cultures, and to recognize the differences in attitudes towards the role of individuals in society, the role of power, and the use of different communication models.

We gladly share our experiences and skills in the field of intercultural communication. In 2011, we launched the “Planet Asia” project, which is intended to provide insight into selected elements of cultures of Korea, Japan and China.


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We support the popularization of intercultural knowledge and the development of professional skills in the multicultural arena. A part of our team is a specialist who can assist both us and our clients.