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EURO M is supporting partner for the International Oktoberfest 2017 in Wrocław

We are very pleased to announce that our agency became the supporting partner for this year’s International Oktoberfest.

The event held annually for 13 years by chambers of commerce – The British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce – is very popular among entrepreneurs from Lower Silesia. The purpose of the meeting is to integrate top- and middle-level managers of companies associated in chambers, their clients and business partners.

Our company, as a supporting partner, is responsible for the production of film on the history of the International Oktoberfest in Wrocław, the arrangement and furnishing of the consular zone and the aesthetic aspects of the event.

The meeting will take place in Wroclaw on September 15, 2017 in the venue Arsenal of the Municipal Museum and will gather about 700 business representatives from Lower Silesia.